About Book


This practical guide brings together the information in one place that companies and their advisors need to know as they prepare for an Initial Public Offering. This book gives whole idea about Initial Public Offering. Taking a company public is every entrepreneur’s dream. It is also a complex process that often intimidates entrepreneur’s and requires specialists in many disciplines such as merchant banker, attorneys, consultants and public relation executives. This book is for investors, Directors, students and for those who wants to know more about IPO, How IPOs are arranged and their performance. Directors of companies planning IPO will find this book helpful.

    Why you should buy this book?

    1. The book provides valuable insight into many fundamental IPO matters

    2. This book covers regulatory aspects and latest amendments in IPO norms.

    3. Detailed case studies of a number of high-profile IPOs.

    4. A Comprehensive and practical guide for CEOs, Entrepreneurs, Academicians, Students and Professionals.

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